Soft Tail – Smoked Shad


Type: slow sink
Size: 9″ | 23 cm
Weight: 3 1/3 oz | 95 g
Body: polyurethane resin
Wire: 1,6 mm stainless steel
Hook: #1/0


What is the main task of this lure?

Due to the shape and precision weighting, the SoftTail glides with ease on the lightest tap of the rod.

Flashing it’s sides and wobbling with a slight belly wobble on each pause. Even a straight retrieve sends the SoftTail on an exaggerated s-curve that drives big fish crazy!

Great lure all season long. It’s the easiest and best glide lure you’ve ever worked with!

Swim video

Other colors


  1. Derek

    I bought a few softails – these are the easiest glide baits I’ve ever used. So simple to work

  2. Pete

    The most realistic bait I ever had!! And the work is amazing too, great job!

  3. Adam

    The appearance is fantastic. Lifelike detail and seems heavy duty and well built. It’s about the perfect size too.

  4. David P

    This lure is one bait that needs to be added to your tackle box if you fish musky or pike. I use shad and walleye colors, they are just perfect

  5. Shawn Shannon

    I fish musky in PA and this bait has put a few fish in the boat. I have 3 of the soft tails wounded walleye, green perch and classic shad. Not sure which is my favorite. The finish and action of this bait is second to none. You will not find a better looking bait. Even the packaging is sweet.

  6. Robert C

    The packaging was great, the lures look and feel very solid. I fish muskellunge in Wisconsin (some pike too), and the season opens May 26th. I have yet to water test the baits. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  7. Travis

    The bait works great! The local lake I fish is REALLY tough but I throw it quite a bit. I’ve moved some really nice muskies on it but havent got one to eat it yet. On any good lake it would’ve caught fish by now. I’m going to start fishing hard here in about 2 weeks and will send you pictures with your bait in the fishes mouth.

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