Shad Daddy – Blueback


Type: slow sink
Size: 6 3/4″ | 17cm
Weight: 2oz | 60g
Body: polyurethane resin
Wire: 1,6mm stainless steel
Hook: #2


What is the main task of this lure?

To imitate the most common fish in most water. The looks, the works… the secret is it’s all about the nature. This is my basic lure with which I start every fishing in new water – it allows me to locate the main predators. If a predator is looking for dinner – the Shad is the perfect meal. But as innocent as it looks, it’s also deadly effective. Every fishing box needs its basics – Shad is the starting point for every fishing experience.

Swim video

“I honestly love this Shad! Impressively versatile action from slow retrieves to fast burn or quick choppy cuts. Has a very balanced swim that stays true. I have been able to fish it “fast” with no blow outs. It also has a fantastic slow swim with minimal inputs for reactions.

Realistic details give an authentic look in the water, which is crucial when trying to entice trophy fish to strike. The attention to detail in the coloring, scales, and fins is truly impressive.”

Need extra tails?

2x Tails Shad Daddy


Other colors


  1. T

    Man, that bait is the best I ever used. I have american and classic colors and just ordered crappie, can’t wait to use it!

  2. Derek

    Great action. I have purchased other baits like this before, but none of those baits have the life like action this lure does. The hooks are very sharp and the colors are well done.

  3. John

    Great lure! Does what it is supposed to do

  4. Ben

    First of all, I would like to say that I’ve owned hundreds of lures over my fishing experience and usually I never write reviews but this lure was so good that it deserved one.
    Awesome swim action and looks. It’s really easy to fish with

  5. Taylor

    This shad is amazing!! i got it a while ago and I’ve never skunked with it. almost every time i use it i catch a fish on my first casts. The action is just unreal and the fact that it swims high is amazing for slaying bass. just a great product. had to get a second one.

  6. Blake

    It’s a clean bait, love how smooth the clear coat makes it. It works with ease I can just bounce the slack line and it glides. My only thing is I wish it was a little bit slower sinking maybe even suspending

  7. Mark

    I really like the movement in the water. I haven’t caught anything big yet just small guys. Really excited to use this bait in the fall I think it’s going to slay some big pigs

  8. Ryan

    Love it. It looks and swim like a real fish

  9. Vance Negrotto

    Amazing quality! Don’t let the price tag fool you! This is a absolute fish slayer! I love this bait and am very happy with my purchase! Will be buying more in the future!

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