Shad Junior



Every two weeks a new batch of baits is made. That means your package will be shipped the same or the next week you order.

Swim Action


What is the main task of this lure?

To imitate the most common fish in most water. The looks, the works… the secret is it’s all about the nature.

This is my basic lure with which I start every fishing in new water – it allows me to locate the main predators. If a predator is looking for dinner – the Shad is the perfect meal. But as innocent as it looks, it’s also deadly effective. Every fishing box needs its basics – Shad is the starting point for every fishing experience.


Weight: 1.1 oz | 32 g
Size: 5 1/3″ | 13 cm
Rate: slow sink
Depth: 1 – 5 ft | 0.3 – 1.5 m
Hook: #4



  1. peter

    best swim bait i’ve ever used. action smooth as silk. casting, smooth as silk. does it work? you bet. Thanks Dom

  2. Michael

    Looking for something to really match the hatch with? No doubt the Shad Junior needs to be in your arsenal. Great for light to medium set ups and slow or fast retrieves

  3. mike

    Best swim bait action I’ve ever seen this will literally catch any predatory fish.

  4. Weston

    I was a little skeptical on purchasing this item and taking it out to the water to see if the fish would bite. But after only about 20mins of being outdoors fishing the fish started to hit the bait. I would definitely recommend this shad to everyone. I am so pleased with this bait

  5. Ethan

    It’s got a great action and a perfect size.

  6. Mark

    This bait is so realistic the way it swims the way it sinks, the best bait I’ve ever had

  7. matthew

    Ya buy one you’re going to want to buy them all lol. Great little swimbait!

  8. Mike

    This shad is insane with the features the paint the hooks and the movement is crazyyy!

  9. Tom

    This is the 3th one I have. These baits are worth every penny

  10. Brian

    Just love the look and the action can’t wait for next fishing

  11. Kenneth

    I received the Shad juniors a few days ago they are amazing looking baits so I decided to order the larger Shad Daddy can’t wait to give them a try

  12. C. Smith

    Just received my 2 glides (Shad Jr’s) in the mail. These are one, if not THE, best looking and swimming glides I have EVER fished. The craftsmanship and quality are AMAZING!!!! Best of all….. THEY GET BIT…. VICIOUSLY!!!!! Don’t wait and get left behind. Order a couple. You WILL NOT regret it!!!! Made me a customer for life!!!

  13. Mike

    Baits are top notch paint, finish, detail, action, and durability. 100% High Quality

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