HeadFly Big



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Swim Action



What is the main task of this bait?
To TRIGGER, to TRIGGER and TRIGGER some more! Each part of the HeadFly Big is designed to make the predator go with its instincts and attack!

•Head covered with highly concentrated pearl paint, catching predator’s gaze with two large eyes.
•Fluffy, wavy fur and a shimmering, light-catching flash.
•Long, hypnotizing and dancing tail.

All this in one combination makes this lure able to trigger even the most demanding predators. Pike, Musky, Murray Cod, Bass … You name it – this bait will lure any predator.


Weight: 1 3/4 oz | 50 g
Size: 12 1/2″ | 32 cm
Rate: slow sink
Depth: variable
Hook: #1/0



HeadFly – is it a hard bait, a fly or what?
Maybe you’ve seen a lure like this before somewhere – but you certainly haven’t fished with it. Am I right?
This is my, and not only mine, newest child – I create it with another madman named Filip. I met him when desire to create such lure appeared in my head – I knew a combination like this would be not only a big challenge, but also a recipe for a really big fish.
HeadFly – advantages of a fly with the benefits of a hard lure, isn’t it perfect?
Probably not, because nothing is perfect, but together with Filip we tried to make this lure really to be the highest level. And we’re proud of the outcome.
At the beginning it was not easy. I didn’t know Filip personally, but I knew he was the right man for the job. Why? I saw his work earlier and I knew that if he agreed to cooperate, I would be able to work with the best man in this industry. Hearing about my idea Filip agreed immediately. We talked for hours on the phone and when we had the outline of the lure and our goals – we started to work….
But, as it goes with new ideas it started with:
even more problems!
It wasn’t as easy as we’d imagined. The main difficulty was the fly – or rather its size. Creating fly that large was really difficult. The biggest issue was that the known supply market led us nowhere – we couldn’t find sufficiently long and qualitatively appropriate materials. We asked, called, talked with many shops and distributors we knew and there was nothing.
After several weeks of fruitless trials and search, we slowly began to give up. I put my already done heads in the drawer and closed it with a great heartache. I thought this was my first project that would not have an ending. But then, a lightning of inspiration stroke – and after a few days Filip called:
I will make materials.
What? How?
You will see!
The next day he sent me pictures of flies… and that was it!

We are constantly developing this project, raising Headfly to an even higher level and we believe it will permanently settle and rock on in the fishing world.


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