HeadFly Twister



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Swim Action


What is the main task of this bait?
To TRIGGER, to TRIGGER and TRIGGER some more! Each part of the HeadFly Twister is designed to make the predator go with its instincts and attack!

•Head covered with highly concentrated pearl paint, catching predator’s gaze with two large eyes.
•Fluffy, wavy fur and a shimmering, light-catching flash.
•Long, hypnotizing and dancing tail.

All this in one combination makes this lure able to trigger even the most demanding predators. Pike, Musky, Murray Cod, Bass … You name it – this bait will lure any predator.


Weight: 2 oz | 60 g
Size: 9″ | 23 cm
Rate: slow sink
Depth: variable
Hook: #1/0


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