Weight: 3 3/4 oz | 105 g
Size: 7 1/2″ | 19 cm
Rate: slow sink
Depth: 1-4 ft | 0.3-1.5 m
Hook: #2/0


Due to the shape and precision weighting, the HardTail glides with ease on the lightest tap of the rod.
Flashing it’s sides and wobbling with a slight belly wobble on each pause. Even a straight retrieve sends the HardTail on an exaggerated s-curve that drives big fish crazy!

The HardTail is so perfectly balanced that even with a normal spinning rod and reel it is surprisingly easy to get the perfect walk-the-dog action.

When I chose the colors I mainly focused on fish that are top on the menu of pike and musky.
Great lure all season long. It’s the easiest and best glide lure you’ve ever worked with!



  1. Donald

    The lure is awesome and works very, very well. For where i fish it is a little heavy. But other than that it is an awesome lure! The hooks are the sharpest i have ever felt in my life also. Caught some pike on it on our yearly trip to Canada. I would definitely buy more if the weight would get lighter!!! Thank you so much.

  2. Mark

    The fact that you reach out to a customer for feedback is huge, so many fishermen are now making their own baits / lures and will charge an extreme price for a had made lure, and once the sale is made that’s the end. I feel yours are a good price for a very good lure. I believe some are creating these to catch the fisherman and not so much the fish. I have seen some near the $200 price that just look outstanding as far as looks, but just have a very limited action to attract the fish .Your baits have the most realistic look that I have ever seen, some have come close with that are made of a soft rubber material, but get a big fish to hit it hard and come off….well now all you have is a lure with cuts and slashes in it and possible a tail missing. I really like yours because the easy to work side to side glide action adds to the supper realistic pattern of the bait. Plus with being a “hard bait” the big toothy boys can’t really bite into it like a soft rubber one.

  3. Jeff

    I am very satisfied with the lure it was bigger and better than expected and you do very nice quality work! Very nice paint! The finish and hardware are also excellent as well as the packaging I liked a lot. And stickers are always awesome, who doesn’t like stickers.

  4. Sebastian Redlich

    I really like this lure. It’s a jerkbait that works pretty well. I can make it work just with my reel, what i really prefere when fishing with jerks for big pike. It is perfect for deep waters and open water areas. Especially in Winter, when the big pike follow their prey to deeper water or hunting the big shoals of whitefish. Thanks for that great lure 🙂

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