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Weight: 2/3 oz | 19 g
Size: 4 1/3″ | 11 cm
Rate: floating
Depth: 4 – 7 ft | 1.3 – 2 m
Hook: #4


CrankBoy is designed to be extremely realistic, with slim and highly frequent action, to wake the hunting instinct in predator and provoke him to attack.

Not too large, not too small – JUST RIGHT! One of the most time-tested baits in Zorba’s Family.
The bill is thin enough to have lots of great, hunting action, but strong enough (polycarbonate) that it doesn’t break or wear down after grinding it on rocks or slamming it into docks.

Great for pike, zander, perch, trout and bass!


6 reviews for CrankBoy

  1. Justin

    Awesome lure. It can be trolled or cast and always runs true! I use it in the northern states where perch are the main forage base. Walleye and northern pike love it. The yellow perch is the best all around color.This is the most realistic perch bait anywhere.

  2. Matt O

    Definitely the best Perch Crank! I have ever used love running it into rocks, it has gotten scratched up a little but the bill has never been cracked or damaged. Throw it where bass are and you will catch fish. 100% worth the price.

  3. Mickey

    Love it!

  4. Bassin54

    Really good results with the Green Perch, it’s a perfect perch color. Works extremely well

  5. Tom Ralson

    I just fished this lure the other day and I can tell you that I was simply amazed! I live in an area where small perch are a primary forage for bass so I figured the lure would produce fish. Third cast… Boom, 4 pounder. I ended up catching quite a few fish on it and I couldn’t be more happy! It’s a go-to lure for me from now on.

  6. randall

    That’s a great bait, works in open water but is even better around rocks and timber. Natural swimming action and it doesn’t snag. Super realistic paint job that doesn’t chip easily. Can be burned pretty fast without it turning on its side. I can reel this guy real slow and it has a nice wobble that makes it look like an injured baitfish. Overall I’m very impressed and have no complaints
    I caught 60% of my fish this spring fishing this. Ended up catching my first muskie on this bait as well. 

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