Weight: 3 3/4 oz | 105 g
Size: 8 1/3″ | 21 cm
Rate: floating
Depth: 1 – 4 ft | 0.3 – 1.2 m
Hook: #2/0


Waking them up is your plan of attack? BoogieWoogie sounds like a solution!
Fitted with a large bill – generates an aggressively smooth and natural waking action on a slow or medium retrieve with a thumping feedback that fish love.

It’s great for fishing along the surface and a little deeper. With a little practice you can have it slapping the water occasionally like a wounded or stunned fish struggling to swim down.
Built to handle the largest fish you can find.



Swimbait P210 is pretty special to me – it’s first two-section bait in Mr. Zorba’s family.
The desire to create two-section glide bait appeared more than 3 years ago, when I was more and more often reaching for this type of lure when fishing – I wanted to have such bait in my offer.

I thought it would go smoothly, because how is it different from others? Hah, it quickly turned out that it was unlike everything I did before.

The main difficulty was the proper fastening system of the second part. I was wondering how to do it so it would be durable and not affect the work in any way. After a few days of testing I was able to choose the right system, but the next question appeared – where to cut to get the best job? Two or three parts? Which angle? The problems and questions started to rise up.

But I was not ready to give up – having a lot of enthusiasm and great challenge ahead, I put the gloves on and faced the problem. For almost a month of continuous testing I tried to choose the right configuration – so that this lure would work like a top glide bait.
Unfortunately, the first, second and third versions were unsuccessful. I was slowly losing hope that I could do a two-section bait.

Then I decided to seek advice from other people, I began to contact friends and strangers who in my opinion were experts in the field of Swimbait. I managed to contact some great people, whom I thank again for invaluable help and patience. Everyone was very forgiving when I asked dozens of questions about every little detail.

After two hard months of working on the model, I sent the first pieces for testing to my Swimbait freaks. I was really stressed and not sure what they would say. When the first feedback came – I sighed with relief. The bait was working great!

Then I packed up and went fishing for a few days to spend some more time with this lure and test it thoroughly. I didn’t even have a decent swimbait rod at the time, but every cast and lead of this lure made me smile.

It was 3 years ago, since then, based not only on mine growing experience, but on feedbacks from Swimbait P210’s users this bait has undergone many improvements. And today, after many requests, it also has a Lipped version.


  1. Tomas

    It is an amazing bait. I’ve used it for about two days now and it has done its job, worth every penny. Love the walleye color

  2. Joey

    Incredible lures! The build and qaulity is amazing and worth every penny!
    Dominic has clearly dedicated a massive amount of time and money into his lure building and it shows. Zorba baits are so unique to anything else on the market. My favorite qaulity about the lures is how realistic they look but I also like being able to reach out to Domenic himself and talk to him. He always returns emails messages and makes sure the customer is happy.
    I look forward to seeing what else is coming in the future!

  3. RonP

    After some fish I had an issue with the tail, so I send a mail to the zorba. Spoke with Dominic, and he was great to deal with, he fixed the bait. The lure itself looked great so I made another order. Great customer service.

  4. jeff

    I just started throwing these swimbaits in the last season and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made bass fishing. I have 5 of them and they are all very good. The bait swims great on a straight retrieve.

  5. Chuck

    I purchased the shad color. I put a PB bass the first time out. It’s a great bait that wont hurt your wallet as well. The color is perfect

  6. Felix

    I was very pleased with the lure that I received. Very impressed with the look and action of the bait. I have nothing but good things to say. I have been buying so many swimbaits from different manufacturers and you have a great quality bait at a great price. Not sure that this will help you improve but I would like to think that this will encourage you to keep at it and continue to provide a great option in the swimbait market.

  7. Mike

    Great glide bait, in my opinion it floats a little faster than normal glides, but that’s what I like about it. The best well build bait I’ve ever seen, top hardware

  8. Karol

    Cool bait, works like a snatch!

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